Mishna of the Ranger's
Getting Started
At this time the Misna plugin is primarily an auto-inventory program. If you check the inventory on start-up, the plugin will automatically run either a complete inventory if that toon has never been inventoried or update any current inventory. The first complete inventory takes a long time partly do to the fact the information must be received from the game. Subsequent inventories are quite rapid. The only time gameplay is paused is while the final inventory file is saved.

The data is saved in a file in that toon's folder which is created by the plugin in the documents/decal plugins/Mishna/(Server: e.g. Winter'sEbb). Also the data is added to a general inventory file in the Server folder called inventory.xml. At the time the current inventory for the toon is added the previous inventory of that toon is deleted. I am hoping that having individual toon files that only add to the general inventory file will reduce the problem of inventory corruption.

You can also update the inventory while the toon is online manually by clicking the Update Toon Inventory button. And you can do a complete inventory if you think that particular toon's inventory is corrupted by clicking the Do Inventory Complete button.

If you are curious how an inventory is coming along, you can check the List inventory waiting to be id'd box. That has really only been included for the fun of it.
To find something in the inventory go to the page labeled Inventory. You can choose to find items by their class or type in something contained in the name or in a spell. For example Golden Key or major war magic. You cannot do both in the type in box and it is case insensitive. Normally you will be choosing a class. If you choose a weapon or wand class, an armor class or salvage there are further options as you will see. For example you can select armor of a specific level wield requirement, set or what it covers. Lets say you wanted to find bracers of adept set with an epic war spell. You would choose armor under class, adept under set, and covers lower arm. You would type epic war in the text box.

Typing list inventory will list the items in your inventory fitting the description you have chosen. If it does not list them, hit the clear inventory button and then reset up. This does occasionally prove to be necessary for unknown programming reasons at this time. If you left click an item in the list, the chat line will display information I decided is pertinent.
The Toon Stats choices

At this time this is only for offline use. It creates an xml file in the toons folder where the inventory xml file for that toon resides. Eventually I hope to have this displayed ingame.