Mishna of the Ranger's
Mishna Hi all!! Welcome to my site.
I'm Mishna, a war mage.
Although strong in battle, my favorite role is healer. In my world, Asheron's Call, created by Turbine Games, there are many different professional paths one can follow. Two of my sisters are swordswomen; another specializes in the bow. One of my sisters is a crafter; but she's also a durn good unarmed fighter. And I have a sister who tinkers -- she, I must admit, is weaker on the battlefield -- but she can sure improve my armor and weapons.
I'll introduce my other brothers and sisters later. Quite a few are responsible for keeping track of all the paraphanalia of everyday life. You know -- like our street clothes, party outfits, and magical armor -- and our gems -- and those essential quest items
We belong to an allegiance, The Rangers. Strider, a caring and skilled diplomat, as well as, combat leader is our monarch. And we have a sister allegiance, The Havens, with whom we often quest under their skilled strategist and monarch: Paloma.
Dereth warning: Be certain to get your stipends once a week. You can't get two if you miss a week.
tack Dereth Map My home is on Dereth: a land of plains, deserts and mountains. We have oceans, lakes and rivers, too.

You can visit any time you wish; Just join Asheron's Call:
a Turbine program. There are several dimensions of Dereth. I live on WintersEbb which is an active friendly community.
Newbie Hint: Train melee defense fairly soon to increase your ability to evade your foes. Fight with your back in the corner while melee is untrained or at a low level. Increase coordination and quickness as well as melee to achieve more skill in evading. Mishna strongly believes that mages also benefit from melee defense.