Mishna of the Ranger's
So What is Asheron's Call?

Asheron's call (AC) is an online game -- in fact one of the first. Many people complain about the graphics which are quite outdated. However, AC has features not seen in most newer games.

For example, you can treat each character you create as a real life person growing up. Mishna's Mage began as a child who buffed her older sisters for their fights. She was not a fighter but a healer.

Mishna's Mage Buffing

Mishna's Mage Buffing
But as she played, she discovered her love of dressing up in pretty clothes and wanted to learn to dye some of her frocks pink so she learned to cook, a requirement for dyeing. Then she became interested in salvaging and learned to complete a full bag of salvage with only five items for her sister, Smithers, to use in tinking.

But mostly she liked to help other players reach their highest potential. She asked Mishna to let her go to Holtberg, a favorite site of the natives of Dereth, so she could buff anyone who requested and she became a buffbot. But she also did want to improve herself even more and added war mage skills after playing with a staff a bit and deciding that was not for her.
In Asheron's Call, you can quest solo or join fellows. It is true some quests require fellows but there is plenty to do if you want to play solo. You can go on a quest to obtain a reward or can fight monsters in the fields. There are an incredible number of quests for every player skill level and much to do if you choose not to quest. For example, you can be a tinker, a crafter, a trader, a buffer or a mule if you would rather not quest. But tinkers, crafters, bots and mules can all fight and quest at their level if they so choose.