Mishna of the Ranger's
tack Asheron's Call is a role playing, online game, created by Turbine, Inc. Turbine Homepage for Asheron's Call has many informative blogs about the game. Turbine also supports a forum for the Dereth community.
Mishna's Villa
This is my villa. My sibs and I all purchased fountains for our villas using pyreals, our Dereth currency. Mishna's fountain
Wiki now has an official site for Asheron's Call. It is updated by the players and provides useful information of all sorts. A visit there is a must for any serious player.
tack Several boards allow players to teach, discuss, and of course gripe. Currently most of this action takes place either in the turbine forums or the decaldev forums.

A Hollow Minion

A hollow minion

And to really find anything just Google. I have found google to be the best resource of all.