Mishna of the Ranger's
The Competitive Sisters

When Mishna started her adventures in Dereth, she could have four sisters. In those days mages were quite weak, so Mysticsword became the family warrior, clearing dungeons to enable each sister to run through for rewards. (Now, the game has changed radically: Mishna is the one who clears most spawn -- but all the girls are great fighters so usually they can hold their own while Mishna cares for their littler siblings.)

But back to my historical review: Some time after the original five, another toon slot was created by Turbine and Mystikalbow was created and all leveling stopped until she reached the level of the others. For many years the sisters leveled together; sometimes within minutes of each other at major points like 75, 100 .... But now Mishna has been foraging ahead, significantly outdistancing her sisters. However, she can only go to 275 -- so they will all catch up eventually.
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