Mishna of the Ranger's
You really need to know programming of at least one major language to even consider writing plugins. It is especially helpful to know C# or Visual Basic and be familiar with .NET. Evidently .NET is the way the developers intend to move their program. (I base that assumption on some of the forum comments where there is encouragement for developers of new plugins to use the .NET adapters.)

All my coding is in C# but Visual Basic coders should be able to follow the concepts.
Getting Started
Getting Started
From when I first wrote this section to now, Virindi plugins have really become the defacto standard. For that reason I am changing the material in this presentation to the writing of plugins using Virindi's bar and her incredible package of tools. I cannot say enough about how just reading her plugin code has helped me. I found that downloading Magnus sample plugin code helped me a lot. He discusses it on this thread in the decaldev.com forums.
Quick Hints
1. There is a method - WriteToChat() which I use to check each step. It does require a string input. Magnus's Sample plugin shows the code for creating this method in Virindi.
2. Since my first major program has been an inventory, I created an xml file from pretty much the beginning. After the save command, I did a WriteToChat("File Saved").
3. When "File saved" did not show up in my chat line, after much trial and error, I learned to use the search option of windows found under the start button. A quick search for "err" brought up the file: "Mishna errors.txt" which contained the error. Once again, Magnus helped with the source code from his sample plugin. (Of course, I then had to interpret the error message -- but, I was a little way along the road to solving the problem since the error listed the line number of the error.)
I am assuming anyone reading this knows to use the try - catch methods to catch errors.