Mishna of the Ranger's
The MainView XML File
I strongly recommend using Magnus's sample MainView.xml file as a template or using one from the many files offered as source code by Virindi. This is the file in which you design the look of your plugin. You will need some familiarity with xml coding. You can have several pages. At this time the Mishna plugin has 3: a main page, a page which lists inventory, and an about page. The main problem I had when starting to build my view was in figuring out the sizing. The width and height at the top have to be large enough to include whatever you have on your biggest page. I would start out too large and decrease the size after you have your controls placed.
Getting Decal and Virindi bar to Show Your Plugin
1. Click on Project in the Visual Studios Menu bar. Then click on Build. In the Conditional Compilation Symbols, type the following: VVS_REFERENCED;DECAL_INTEROP
2. It is essential that you go to the properties list for the MainView.xml file and under Build Action, select embedded resource. If you do not do that the plugin will not show up on the bar. (You get to the properties list by right clicking the file in visual studios.)
3. Getting Decal to see the plugin was a major stopper for me until Flipo explained an easy solution. Once you have built the project, right click your decal icon in the lower right hand of your screen. Select configure, then select add and then browse. Go to wherever you are saving your plugin and find the bin folder and under that the releaase folder. You want to select the dll form of the plugin. Then make sure it is checked on the first page of the decal configuration. Now go into AC and there it is on the Viridi decal bar.
The MainView.cs File
This file seems to be where most Virindi plugin writers put their programming instructions for the actual coding of the mainview. For example, this is where controls are instantiated and event handlers are written. One essential piece of code is
View = MyClasses.MetaViewWrappers.ViewSystemSelector. CreateViewResource(PluginCore.host, "Mishna.Views.mainView.xml");
My XML file
I suggest strongly that you start using Linq programming to create your xml files. It works well with decal and will probably facilitate whatever you do.