Mishna of the Ranger's

Warning: This material is way out of date. I will be updating this site as soon as I get some time off of programming.

Purpose of This Section

The decal developers have done an incredible job putting together a remarkable program which makes Asheron's Call much more fun for most of us. However, a new plugin author often has difficulty figuring out how to use decal adapters to create a credible plugin. The Decal Development forums: both the current one and another that has been archived found at http://forums.acdev.org/phpBB2/index.php are helpful. Also, many previous authors have opened their source files to help new programmers. And there is the power of google.com which has often helped me find answers.

But even with all that, I was often frustrated in my attempts to code my initial plugin and I have programmed since 1972 though mostly in the old styles -- NET has been a challenge. So I thought putting notes online regarding my journey into programming decal plugins might in some way help someone else.

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